Please note that a measurement description, eg “Small”, may be different between individual items and clothing brands. Therefore please see individual item pages for any specific measurements or indications of fit. Sizing guides for each clothing brand are copied below. Please select the relevant tab.

All items that include a Keep Attacking logo.

Please refer to the individual item for sizing. Most items are true to fit as below:

Adults Tops (Chest) Bottoms/Shorts (Waist)
Extra Small (XS) 36"
Small (S) 38" 28-30"
Medium (M) 40" 30-32"
Large (L) 42" 32-34"
Extra Large (XL) 44" 34-36"
Double Extra Large (2XL) 46" 36-38"
Triple Extra Large (3XL) 48"
Juniors Chest Age
Extra Small (XS) 26" 3-4 Years
Small (S) 28" 5-6 Years
Medium (M) 30" 7-8 Years
Large (L) 32" 9-11 Years
Extra Large (XL) 33.5" 12-13 Years

Seniors Teamwear / items that include Kappa logo.

Adults Dual Size Chest Waist
Small (S) 36" 30.5"
Medium (M) S-M 38" 33"
Large (L) 40.5" 33.5"
Extra Large (XL) L-XL 43" 37.5"
Double Extra Large (2XL) 45" 40"
Triple Extra Large (3XL) 47.5" 42.5"
Juniors Size Dual Size Chest Waist Height
YS 6 Years 23.5" 22" 116cm
YS 8 Years 6-8Y 25" 23" 128cm
YL 10 Years 27.5" 24.5" 140cm
YXL 12 Years 10-12Y 29.5" 26" 152cm
Y2XL 14 Years 31.5" 28.5" 164cm

Youth Teamwear / items that include STANNO logo.

Juniors Chest Waist Height
116 57-61cm 54-57cm 116cm
128 62-68cm 58-61cm 128cm
140 69-75cm 62-66cm 140cm
152 76-83cm 67-71cm 152cm
164 84-92cm 77-81cm 164cm
Adults Chest cm Chest Waist
Small (S) 91-94cm 34/36" 30/32"
Medium (M) 95-99cm 36/38" 32/34"
Large (L) 100-105cm 38/40" 34/36"
Extra Large (XL) 106-111cm 42/44" 36/38"
Double Extra Large (2XL) 112-118cm 46/48" 40/42"
Triple Extra Large (3XL) 119-126cm 50/52" 42/44"

Items without Keep Attacking or Kappa logos

Hoodies / Sweatshirts T-Shirts / Polos
Adults Chest Body Length Chest Body Length
XS 96cm 64cm 89cm 67.5cm
S 102cm 67cm 96cm 70cm
M 112cm 70cm 103cm 72.5cm
L 122cm 73cm 110cm 75cm
XL 130cm 76cm 117cm 77.5cm
2XL 138cm 79cm 124cm 80cm
3XL 146cm 82cm 131cm 82.5cm
4XL 156cm 86cm 138cm 85cm
5XL 166cm 90cm 145cm 87.5cm
Hoodies / Sweatshirts T-Shirts / Polos
Juniors Chest Body Length Chest Body Length
3-4 Years 78cm 44cm 66cm 45cm
5-6 Years 82cm 48cm 72cm 50cm
7-8 Years 86cm 52cm 78cm 55cm
9-11 Years 92cm 57cm 84cm 60cm
12-13 Years 98cm 62cm 89cm 65cm